Why having a website?

If you have enough customers and their number will not fall for the next decade, you do not need a website much. These days, when internet communication is as common as the use of fixed telephone line 30 years ago, is the existence of your website the cheapest form of advertising your activity.

You can toil in the evenings and create a website using WordPress, Dreamweaver, Seamonkey or many other products , but if you do not have the necessary knowledge, the result may not be corresponding to the effort.

In every field of human activity, it is right to invite an expert on the problem. This also applies to the design and development of web pages, to say nothing about their optimization.

How to have a successful website?

Criteria of a successful website

The first benchmark of success of a website is that people interested in information that the website contains will find it, it means that the web pages will be on the first or second page of search engine results. The second criterion of success is the number of website visitors, which you are interested in. If you have a website about trout fishing and you have visitors who find your site and then leave immediately, because they were looking for information about whale hunting, then your website is poorly optimized and does not bring you any profit, only unnecessary traffic on the server for which you may pay.

Achieving Successful Website

Website creation is divided into several fields and stages:

its success depends on the quality of work at every stage. Successful websites have quality contents, the pages contain exactly the information that the visitors are looking for.

Well designed web pages allow visitors easy orientation on the page and finding information on it quickly. The entire site has a logical structure, with a properly designed navigation helping a visitor to find information on the website quickly and easily.

Successful websites are formally well designed, developed according to web standards, validated and optimized for your visitors.