Web design

Web design can be divided into three areas: design of contents of web pages, web page presentation and technical support

Design of content

The content of your website is one of the most important parts. Search engines index websites according to text content and graphics has secondary supportive function. You can ask your vendor to create your content or you can actively participate. Think about your activities, and what you would like to publish about them and about yourself. Describe everything you can do for your customer, what you can deliver. It is advisable to check the style and grammar of the published text several times to avoid missing typo.

Web page presentation

Page layout

According to your requirements the web page can be divided into one, two or three columns, with header, footer and various other ways.

Page content

Navigation and menu

Navigation can be horizontal, vertical, on the left or on the right, however, it should be designed in such a way that the visitor of your website does not get lost and was able to find information that he needs on your site as quickly as possible.

  • Menu
  • Menu
  • Menu
  • Menu
  • Menu


It is advisable to have a sober approach when selecting a font and choose one font for the header - serif font, and another font - sans-serif - for the rest of the web page

The visitor of your website may not necessarily have installed fonts that you have on your own computer. Is is therefore advisable to use web safe fonts that are most spread. You can install other fonts on your web server but you need to ensure the copyright and the page loads slowlier. You can also use freely available public domain fonts but still the page loading time increases.

It is preferable to choose a medium-sized font. Not everybody has who will read your website pages will have excellent eyesight and the second most important thing after the page content is legibility of the page.

Serif font. Georgia.

Serif font. Palatino.

Serif font. Times New Roman.

Sans-serif font. Verdana.

Sans-serif font. Trebuchet MS.

Sans-serif font. Lucida Sans Unicode.

Sans-serif font. Arial.

Text alignment

The text of the web page can be aligned left, right, left and right or centered.

The first paragraph. The paragraph
is aligned to the left.

The second paragraph. The paragraph
is aligned to the right.

The third paragraph. The paragraph is justified left and right.

The fourth paragraph. The paragraph
is centered.

Paragraph indentation

Paragraphs can be indented to the left, to the right or not indented at all.

The first paragraph. The first line
is not indented.

The second paragraph. The first line
is indented right.

The third paragraph. The first line
is indented left.

Graphics - pictures, videos and animations

Picture is worth a thousand words, and web pages with images look great. But, graphics should be relevant and support the text, not to serve only as decoration. Logo is appropriate for decoration. Search engines do not index the pictures and the text of web pages that you provide is important for a potential visitor to your website and the search engine.

Website technical support

Domain name design

Domain name - the web address of your website can significantly influence the future effectiveness of your website. It is advisable to discuss a domain name choice with the web designer/developer and secure a domain. Domain, if is available, can be purchased for a year or more in advance.


Depending on your requirements for disk space and supporting applications you can select your webhosting. You have many options from free webhosting to paid independent virtual servers. Your website can be located anywhere geographically, it is advisable for the webhosting to support FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to transfer files between the server and the remote computer, php or another scripting language ​​and database, such as MySQL, MariaDB. If you have a choice of operating system and web server, Linux and Apache Web server is suitable.